The Ultimate WooCommerce Design Set for Oxygen

We are proud to introduce OxyMonkey. Start building online stores in minutes with our clean, minimalistic and 100% customizable designs. Our goal is to provide the Oxygen community with the largest collection of designs made for WooCommerce.

Design Sets for Oxygen
design better & spend less time

Features that Make your 
design process faster

One-Click Import
Building an ecommerce store has never been easier.
Global Colors
We have developed a perfect color system to give a more professional look to websites.
Lifetime and Unlimited
Can you ask for more? Don't miss the incredible opportunity you have in front of you!
Endless Possibilities
Build amazing and unique online stores by combining our templates and blocks.
Product Carousel
We love carousels so we couldn't miss them in our templates.
At OxyMonkey we are SEO obsessed, that's why we have designed our templates with SEO in mind.
Pixel Perfect
Our templates are designed so that regardless of the device you use, you will always find them perfect.
Global Typography
Just like colors, typography is an essential part of any website. Our system obviously counts with it.
Image Flipper
Sometimes second photos have a lot to say. Designed and made.

For freelancers and agencies that value effectiveness

We want to contribute to the Oxygen community and support all freelancers and agencies around the world, that' s why we have developed OxyMonkey. Select a template, change the photos and text and start selling - could it be any easier?

this just keeps getting better and better

cool new features you'll see soon

Mega Menu
Soon you will be able to discover our mega menus, giving the website a much more professional look.
Mini Cart
We love the mini carts so you will soon be able to enjoy yours.
New Blocks & Templates
We will periodically add new amazing blocks and templates for you to make any design.
New Classes
We will be adding new classes that will help you give a more global look to your designs, as well as help you be more efficient.
Code Snippets
One of the best ways to save time in your projects. You will only have to copy and paste code.
Much More
We can't wait to tell you about new features. Without a doubt, we are sure you will love them.

One plan, unlimited possibilities

Get lifetime access to the best WooCommerce templates for Oxygen Builder. You'll create fast, beautiful and high-converting online stores for your customers in minutes. Join the revolution.

89 €*
Lifetime license
Unlimited Sites
Actualizaciones de por vida en este conjunto de diseño
Global Colors
endless Possibilities
Get it now
*VAT no incluido
we solve any doubt you may have

frequently asked questions

What is OxyMonkey?
OxyMonkey is probably the easiest way to create an ecommerce site with Oxygen Builder. We have a collection of templates and blocks that will allow you to create websites easily and simply.
Who is OxyMonkey designed for?
OxyMonkey is conceived and created for marketing and web design agencies as well as freelancers. Our goal is to provide them with a ready-to-use template kit to improve their efficiency and therefore improve their business performance.
What do I need to install OxyMonkey?
In order to use OxyMonkey you need to have the required software: Oxygen Builder + WooCommerce + Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce + PHP 7.4 or higher + WordPress 5.5+
Can I use it on customer sites?
Of course, you can use OxyMonkey to build your clients' websites. The only thing that is not allowed is to use the designs in SaaS or derivative models.
Can I use it on an existing website?
We recommend installing OxyMonkey on a brand new website, as it includes settings and stylesheets that could alter the design of the existing website.
Is it compatible with other design sets external to Oxygen?
We recommend not to install different design sets on the same website, as this may cause errors when importing settings and style sheets. What we recommend is to use a single design set and then use plugins such as Hydrogen Pack to copy blocks between websites.
Which connector does OxyMonkey use?
OxyMonkey uses the Asura connector. The connector is in charge of creating a unique license for each client, as well as importing the design sets and settings.
Is it for Lifetime?
Of course, following the trend established by Oxygen Builder we have launched this promo for lifetime and unlimited webs. Take advantage of this offer because we don't know how long it will last.
Do I get my money back?
Of course you can. We recommend that before purchasing OxyMonkey you check the refund policy, as well as make sure you meet the requirements. We hope you can join the family.
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